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Additional Services

For our clients’ convenience City Express supplies a set of additional services.

Calls to Recipients

City Express will provide prior calls to recipients, if necessary. For example, in case of delivery to private addresses or when the delivery is required directly to a specific person, without going throught a secretary or reception. The cost of this service can be specified at our Call Centre.

Sorting and Packaging

City Express provides free packaging for parcels and cargo delivered within Ukraine and abroad, as well as special cardboard envelopes for documents.
In case of mass mailings, our employees will perform sorting and labeling of all shipments in concordance with your instructions.
This service is espesially important during the holidays, when a large number of gifts being sent.

Storage of Undelivered Mail

If your parcel hasn’t been delivered to the recipient in time due to unforeseen circumstances, it will be stored in CE office up to 6 days for free. From the 6th day of storage you'll be charged a fee of 40 rub/kg/day.
In case of a large mailing of important documents or plastic cards, which should be delivered in several days, CE is responsible for storing them in the specially equipped vaults. The conditions for providing these services need to be specified in the contract.

Delivery Notification

 If you need to be notified about the delivery of your shipment, CE provides it in the following ways:

  • by fax
  • online (see Track & Trace on our site)
  • by original notification document (delivered by courier)
  • by email (for "Mail" tariff only)


Need to send something valuable or expensive? City Express will insure such items. Just determine the amount of the insured value and pay the premium. The whole procedure takes a few minutes but you'll be at ease for your parcel delivery.

Order Tracking

You can get information about your order status in our website section Track & Trace.

Pick Up

What if you don’t need to send anything, but need to get? It is enough to make a call to City Express office in your city and order the service called Pick Up. After receiving your information about the sender in another city and about the date of receiving the correspondence, City Express employees will organize timely delivery to your location.

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