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Useful Information

How to choose courier service

Success in business is frequently defined by efficiency of receiving important documents and parcels. Profitableness and effectiveness of the company in many respects depends on a correct choice of a delivery service.
How not to miss with a choice of courier service and to get the reliable partner in its face? What are the signs of company’s reliability and quality of services? We have addressed these questions to experts of City Express — one of leaders of Ukranian express delivery market.

Sign № 1: a variety of rates

It’s better when the company has a large list of delivery rates. The client always should have a choice: in what terms to deliver his cargo and how much to pay for it. City Express tries to be flexible and creates favorable conditions of cooperation.
We choose "speaking" names for our rates in order to make them clear for clients:

  • OPTIMA – an optimal combination of the price and time of delivery
  • PAKET – is perfect for small parcels
  • PRIME – fast as much as possible
  • MAIL – best for accounts, invitations and other “paper” sending

Sign № 2: availability of delivery in the afternoon and in days off.

What should be under consideration when we speak about terms of delivery?
Necessity of urgent delivery often comes in second half of day. But many courier companies accept orders till 12 or 15 hours. Unlike others, City Express accepts orders for the present day till 18 o'clock.
Continuing conversation on terms, it is necessary to add that some companies say that work on Saturdays. However it often appears that you can just make an order but the courier will take your parcel only on Monday. Saturday is usual working day for our company; we accept orders and also deliver them to addressees. Delivery on Sundays or holidays is also possible.

Sign № 3: presence as the pedestrian, and autocouriers

Which courier service to choose, if urgent delivery in megalopolis is necessary?
First of all it is necessary to learn if the pedestrian or auto couriers will deliver your documents? If the company has only beautiful cars they cannot reach your addressee in time staying in traffic jams. The good courier company always has a staff of skilled pedestrian couriers besides cars. They aren't dependent on traffic problems.

Sign № 4: presence of own representations in other cities

And if it is necessary to deliver smth. within Ukraine?
Making order, it is necessary to find out, whether the company has its own representatives in other cities. Delivery through the employees is always more reliable than delivery through agents when your parcel is passed to other companies.

Sign № 5: insurance of parcels

Whether courier companies guarantee safety of parcels?
All companies give promises and guarantees, but the insurance wouldn’t be unnecessary.
There are incidents — natural calamities, accidents, arms conflicts, — when the courier company is powerless. We always offer our clients to insure valuable cargos. It takes several seconds but they help to keep friendly relations between the company and the client.
As a whole, it is necessary to pay attention to company’s reputation and also responses of clients.

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